Ano ang Islam?

Paunawa: Kasalukuyan pa pong isinasalin sa wikang tagalog, pansalamantala ay sa wikang English muna natin ito mababasa. Maraming Salamat po!


Islam is a Arabic word which means “peace”. This is the most misunderstood religion by others and misinterpreted and misrepresented by the Muslims. Islam has three basic beliefs.

1. Tawheed (Oneness of God)

2. Prophethood

3. Day of Judgment


It means there is only One God who has no son, no daughter and no wife. We can not resemble God into human being. So there is worship of only One True God. There is nobody equal to God.

If we think logically about the universe we would come to the conclusion that there is a super power or creator [God]. When there is the creator of this universe and of the human being, the human being should have some connection with the God. And God should guide the human being with his rules to make the life successful. For example if a company makes some product (car, microwave, etc) they made a manual for it on how it functions and productivity. God created human being for a purpose and made the rules for the human being.


As we have mentioned above, that created human being and made rules and regulations for human life, God does not talk directly with the human being and human being does not have ability to communicate directly to God. As the sensual organ of human being works only until certain capacity. If there is so much light, human eye can not see the powerful light. If there is a powerful sound the human ears can not get that sound, even the ears could stop working. So it is proven that human being has a limited capacity which can not communicate directly to God.

So God appointed his chosen servants who get the message from God and deliver to the human beings. They are the role model for humanity and God give them miracles to prove their prophethood.

Prophet Adam is the father of humanity and first messenger of God. With the passage of time when humanity multiplied there where different messengers of God their names where written in the Bible and Quran. The prominent messengers of God are Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad.

According to the rule, usually prophets used to tell to the people who will be the next prophet and messenger of God, they introduce about the next prominent messenger. As Prophet Muhammad is the prominent messenger and the last messenger and head of all the prophets. The last book of God, the Quran, was revealed on Prophet Muhammad which contains rules and guidance for humanity until the Day of Judgment.

Islam says about the angels that angel brought the message of God on those prophets. Among those angels, Angel Gabriel is the most prominent angel who brought the message of God to Prophet Muhammad and other prophets and sometimes spoke directly with his prophets.


Believing in the Day of Judgment is the third belief in the belief system of Islam. Islam says that human being is created for a purpose, guidance and rules of God are sent down to human being and human being is being put to trials and test in this world. Those people who proved themselves as a good believes, having righteous deeds they will get reward from God as heaven. Those people who did not believe in truly God’s commands and they performed bad deeds they will be punish in hell fire.

The logic says that there should be a logical end of this world, good people must be rewarded and bad people must be punished. We can see in this world those people who really did good deeds and work for humanity they must be rewarded with great reward. In this world maximum reward can be given to them with good accommodation, good car or beautiful wife. We can see in this world even bad people enjoy all this facilities. For example: a person who invented the light and brightened the whole world the human logic says that there must be a system which can reward him completely of this good deed.

On the other hand we see there are really bad people who perform very bad deeds even can not be punished in this world; their bad deeds sometimes can not be proven in the court. They can not be punished completely for their bad deeds. A person who killed thousands of people we can punish him with maximum of his death once. There should be a system which could punish all those bad people completely.